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Parsley for your Pooch?

Have you ever wondered if your dog will ever have fresh breath? If so, you'll know it difficult because you're not sure what to give your fur friend for canine halitosis (bad breath). Many people have found success by adding parsley to there pets food as a way to treat bad doggie breath. However, parsley benefits dogs more than just making their breath fresh.

Parsley is nutritive and rich in protein, fiber and vitamins (A, C, B1, B2 and K) and valuable antioxidants. It is also an anti-inflammatory and therefore can help dogs with inflammatory issues such as arthritis and cancer. It is also a diuretic and can lower blood pressure. Parsley is a common herb and is safe on dogs. Other health benefits for dogs are itch-relief properties and assistance with bruising, indigestion, cystitis and even heart problems. It's a super herb!

So pets can partake! One exception is to avoid using this herb during pregnancy, as parsley stimulates the uterus. Dogs with kidney problems also can't eat parsley due to the possibility of excess bleeding.

Now that you now the power of parsley. A treat containing this great herb is a good way to reward and improve your fur buddies health and bad breath. For more information on parsley for dog please go to or canigivemydog.come

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