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CBD For Your Pet’s Holiday Stress: Its not to late to order for the holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for us and our pets — and this year is no exception! With some helpful at home tips, and with the help of CBD hemp isolate we can help manage our pet’s holiday stress and anxiety naturally, so they can enjoy the festivities as much as we do. Whether you’re zooming or safely gathering in person this year, we hope you and your pets have a wonderful holiday season!

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Tip 1: Keep to Their Routine

It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? But it’s the truth, routines are extremely important for our pets. It can be annoying when you want to sleep in for a change during the holidays, but your dog wants their regular morning walk, or your cat expects their breakfast at a certain time. However, the more you stick to your routine, the safer, calmer and more comfortable your pet will feel this holiday.


Even, or especially, if you have guests comes over, maintain your pet’s routine. Dogs and children are similar: routine is everything. When your pets know they will still be fed, walked, and loved at the same time, it helps keeps them calm. You can even have your family and friends aid in your pet’s routine, joining you on your daily walk or helping with feeding or their play and enrichment routines.

Tip 2: Introduce New People Slowly

Your pets might be wary of new people. After all, even most PEOPLE are wary of strangers! Imagine the stress of a bunch of strangers in your space, plus most of those people are bigger than you and also may try to pet you or pick you up. It is unnerving, isn’t it? That is the reality for your pet, especially if you have a small dog or cat who can be easily picked up.

You can take some of this anxiety away from your pet by introducing new people slowly. If everyone is expected to arrive at your home around the same time, keep your pet in a quiet room alone, where you can bring in guests one at a time. Try not to overwhelm your dog or cat if they are already nervous. It is also okay if you have a nervous pet to not allow people to meet them at all. It is just important that you do what is best for your individual pet.

Tip 3: Supervise New Children Around Your Pet

Is there anything cuter than kids and dogs? Introducing children to your pets can be adorable, but it can also be stressful for your pet. Especially if the child is not used to being around or handling animals, or perhaps if your pet is not used to tiny humans.

When introducing your pet to children, it’s best to supervise them to make sure that there is no aggression (from the animal or the child). If you see the child is pulling on the dog’s tail or ears, or touching your pet too roughly, model the correct way to interact with your pet. You can show them how to gently pet, and respect your pet’s space. If a child still can’t grasp how to be gentle, it’s best not to allow them to play together anymore. The same goes for the pet – if they seem aggressive or reactive toward the child, it’s best to allow them to retreat to a safe, calm space away from guests. You may fully trust your dog or cat, but when they are stressed they may behave differently.

Tip 4: CBD To Calm An Anxious Pet 

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to manage our pet’s stress, our pets are still anxious and stressed, especially around the holidays. That is when I turn to Sniff My Snack all natural holistic CBD dog treats. Sniff My Snack CBD Ginger and Molasses and Whole Wheat and Pumpkin can help keep your anxious pets calm this holiday season. CBD has been shown to be extremely safe for pets, and is a safer, natural option for calming your pet. Unlike some pharmaceutical alternatives, your pet will not be sedated and unlike themselves. In addition, CBD can help keep dogs from showing aggression toward each other by keeping them mellow. This can be helpful when you introduce new dogs to the pack for the holidays.

Visit to order online or for more information. HAPPY PAWLIDAYS 🐾🐾🌲


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