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I started making grain and gluten free treats for our Walter who is a mix of St Bernard and Lab

Has matured into a handsome and very loving dog. 

Walter has been on a holistic diet since age 0. I think he is alergic to himself. When Walter joined our family he was already scrating himself with very dry and itchy  skin so sad for such a beautiful puppy. I am gluten free so having some knowledge I incorporated it into the recipe with great results. Walter within days stopped scratching and now has a beautiful, shining full coat. 

His older brother Max is on the same diet, but did not start untill he was 8. Max is now going on 13.

Max is a Lab Golden mix and in his older years he is doing great. A few fatty tumors and sore hips. With Max's holistic treats I went one step further.

 I heard about the benifits of Cannabis for dogs. So with a lot of resurch I started adding CBD  (canabidiol) witch is extracted  

hemp. It has been life changing more pep, eyes became less cloudy better mood.

Brothers from different mothers and fathers

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