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CBD And Your Pup?

Is your pandemic puppy hyper as heck when you head off to work? Is your old buddy not so spry anymore? CBD is all about achieving balance, like maintaining healthy sleep cycles or appropriate responses to stressors. That’s why humans take it. Wouldn’t your dog benefit from a wellness product that’s fit for humans for the same reasons?

CBD is everywhere, but did you know that our favorite furry friends can benefit from this amazing cannabis compound as well? That’s right! CBD is completely safe for dogs to use, and it’s becoming more common than ever to have a CBD treat at home for your pup.

So what does CBD do for dogs? Here’s what we know today:

Calm & Relax: Anxiety in pets is common, and it’s the number one reason why dog owners are choosing CBD. Whether it’s fireworks, thunderstorms, or being alone during the day, CBD has been found to help dogs relax during stressful situations.

Physical Comfort: Whether it’s old age or an injury, CBD has been shown to have a comforting effect for dogs who are dealing with physical discomfort. They’ll be jumping back on the bed in no time.

We believe that all pets deserve only the highest quality, healthiest ingredients so they can live a happy and strong life!.

Sniff My Snack holistic, plant based, dog treats are formulated with 99.12% pure CBD hemp isolate. Each individual treat contains 10mgs of CBD isolate. All natural no preservatives or animal bi-products just straight up benifical quality ingredients.

Visit to order online or fur more information 🐾


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